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12 June 2022

Following the TB-Speed International Restitution Symposium June 9 – 10, 2022 in Maputo, Mozambique, a press release was relayed to the communications platforms of our partners.

Please find find this press release below to download


TB-SPEED Pneumonia

Results of an international cluster randomized trial on systematic tuberculosis detection in children with severe pneumonia
A trial investigating systematic tuberculosis (TB) testing for children with severe pneumonia in countries with a high incidence of TB showed that TB screening at the time of admission was feasible and could result in an increase in children diagnosed and treated for TB ; however, it did not contribute to reduicing TB deaths among children. The TB-Speed Pneumonia trial also brings additional evidence on the acceptability, feasibility and safety of collecting nasopharyngeal (NPA) and stool samples to test for TB in highly vulnerable children. Despite its low detection yield in children, in high TB incidence countries, microbiological TB diagnosis remains important in children with severe pneumonia because it can simplify the diagnostic pathway and allow rapid initiation of appropriate TB treatment, detect rifampicin resistance and build clinicians confidence in their clinical diagnosis.

TB-Speed Pneumonia Study first Results – Press Release