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Mujhu trains its sites for implementation of TB-Speed’s Pneumonia Study

12 March 2019

The TB-Speed Pneumonia study is implementing in three sites in Uganda; Holy Innocents children’s hospital, Mbarara, Mulago NRH and Jinja RRH recruitment centers.

As a requirement for TB-Speed Pneumonia study implementation, staff have to be trained on the approved protocol, and study related procedures. MUJHU site organized a training for the “Impact of systematic early tuberculosis detection using Xpert MTB / RIF in children with severe pneumonia in high tuberculosis – TB-Speed ​​Pneumonia” protocol training and on study related procedures for the staff involved in the study Implementation at Mulago National Referral Hospital (Acute Care Unit recruitment site) and at Jinja Regional Referral Hospital (Mukesh Madhivani Children’s Hospital recruitment site).

The training was conducted in 2 phases, the theory phase and the practicum phase:

  • The theory part was conducted at MUJHU Research collaboration on 12th March, 2019, and it involved 16 participants including doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, and supervisors from MUJHU.
  • The second phase was conducted at Mulago National Referral Hospital-Acute Care Unit ward on 13th march 2019. It involved practical session on NPA sample collection procedure, where the clinical team had hands experience on how to collect NPA sample from children aged 2-59 weeks presenting with severe pneumonia, where samples were transported immediately to the TB laboratory by the laboratory runner to test for TB using Xpert Ultra.